This collection describes 43 garden sites considered to be the property of the Russian state in the 1790s. The gardens described here contain 821 individually documented parcels. Together they covered 351 acres along the prime southern coast and river valleys, and contained nearly 20,000 trees (19,193, to be precise). 

17 species are documented in the reports: plum (слив), hazelnut (фундук), walnut (волошские орехи), pear (груш), European pear (дулина), rowan (рябин), apple (яблон), cherry (черешен), cherry (вишне), aiva (айва), mulberry (щелковиц), olive (маслин), fig (инжер), date (фурма), medlar (мушмоль), peach (персик), and almond (миндал).

The collection is based on a set of reports "on the composition of the lands and gardens of Tavrida Province held as quitrent properties" (freehold properties in return for which lessees paid a land tax) compiled between 1791 and 1794.