This gazetteer, like the site itself, is not comprehensive. It is selective. Curated. Picky, if you must. It brings together the geographical features that form the core of the project: the dacha properties, vineyards, administrative units, villages, towns, mosques, fortifications, and ruins, that are mapped and narrated in various ways.

It is important to know that the gazetteer works on the principle of attestation. That is, each time a place is mentioned, or attested, in a different source, it notches an entry in the gazetteer. Thus, a settlement such as Cherkes-Kermen occurs multiple times: as a place illustrated in the Uvarov volume, the site of a fortification, and of the ruins of a Greek church.

Once you have found a place that interests you, plug the placename into the search box in the upper right of the site display.