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Crimean Tatars dance, play music, smoke pipes, and lounge in a remarkably lush landscape.

Bossoli notes that the setting is Massandra - one of the estate properties of Prince Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov, who served as Governor-General of…
This image shows Crimean Tatars traveling on foot, on horseback, and in camel-driven wagons.
The average length of files pertaining to inscription in the noble register (I itemized 740 during my time in the archive, though I might have missed one here or there) is 35 listy.
In the middle of the nineteenth century, the scholarly appetite for such scholarship was considerable. Small wonder. Sifting through dozens of pages of transcriptions and translations yields tantalizing insight into thepatronage practices, literary…
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View of Russian soldiers resting at the side of the road. In peacetime, Russian soldiers were tasked with public works projects. This group was building the road between Yalta and Alupka.

12 August 1837
The vast majority of the inscriptions that absorbed the energies of the Odessa Society for over a decade were located within the grounds of the Khan Palace at Bakhchisaray.
View of Tatar house in Alupka with Crimean mountains in the background. Tatars stand and sit in the foreground outside the house.

Bossoli's note: "Such houses are generally constructed abutting a large rock, the side of which is used as a wall.…
The Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture lists the mausoleum at Salaciq under the Turkish version of its name: the Haci Giray Han Türbesi; the Russian translation is "durbe Khadzhi-Giraia". The site has been on the tentative list of World…
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A Crimean Tatar family travels on horseback and on foot near Yalta. Women in burkas carry infants in their laps. Demidov writes that "throughout the summer season, the influx of wealthy people who inhabit the southern coast of Crimea offers farmers a…
Borzenko was a translator in the office of Prince M. S. Vorontsov. Later he served as vice-governor of Kutaisi. Borzenko was a corresponding member of the Odessa Society of History and Antiquities.

Vorontsov charged Borzenko with trans...
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